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Hey Everyone,

We’ve moved our blog! It can now be found at:

We figure this address will be much easier for people to remember. All content that has been published on this blog now exists at the new address, but no new content will be posted here, so make sure you subscribe to our new blog and don’t worry about checking this one anymore.

See you there : )

Travis and Lauren


Here are some sketches Lauren drew up of our team.  Learn more about our team and our upcoming move to Tanzania at:

Sarah and Andrew Fraser

Ross and Heather Kellis

Kristina and Caleb Meeks

Lauren and Travis Trull

Merry Christmas!!! (A bit late, I know.) I truly had every intention of sending Christmas Cards this year! If you haven’t received yours yet… well, it is because they were never written or sent. Christmas day has already slipped by and the cards still sit in an orderly stack in the creative corner of my brain. So, in a moment of brilliance, I decided to embrace our ever increasing technological world, and make this blog post a Christmas card from us to you.


We hope that you had a very wonderful Christmas

 And that the coming year is full of Peace and Joy.


With love,

Travis and Lauren

Graduation happened to me over a year ago. I can’t believe it came and went so quickly.  The tassel that dangled on one side of my head quickly passed to the other; and in that blur a new chapter began.

I could go into much detail about all the changes that took place after that:  marriage, important life decisions, work, etc…  But there was one subtle change that I did not anticipate; one that covertly transformed my life into something very different from what I had grown accustomed to.  In a sentence: I stopped making art.

For those of you readers (whoever you may be) who do not know me, I was an art major in college.  Graphic Design to be exact.  I did not have any previous art education before college so that first year of college was like exploring a whole new world. And in that world I discovered much of who I am and who I would like to be.

I had found something that I could lose myself in for hours. When I finished a piece, whether it was good or not so good (ok, bad) I had that feeling of “Yes, this is what I am supposed to do”. It was a good feeling.

But when the busyness of “grown-up life” hit me, I stopped.  This fact was alarming, and I have found myself somewhat paralyzed by this change of lifestyle.  I spend any free time I have thinking and dreaming about art, envisioning the many things I would like to do. But I rarely execute those ideas.

Then I started reading a book called Art and Fear (recommended by my friend and fellow artist Josh Granberg). It touched on some very important things that I really needed to hear.

Art and FearListen to this quote.  “Quitting is fundamentally different from stopping. The latter happens all the time. Quitting happens once. Quitting means not starting again — and art is all about starting again.”

Isn’t that great news? It gave me just enough courage to start again. And to keep starting again every time I have to stop.

So, I have begun again. A bit slower than my rigorous college pace, but I am moving.

I have not yet finished the book Art and Fear. But when I do, I plan on writing a book review.  So, more later. ;o)

So, I have to admit, this whole blogging idea is very new and curious to me. I like the idea of blogging.  And, I have recently fallen in love with reading other peoples’ blogs!  But when it comes down to me doing the actual blogging — it is a whole different ball game.  But, it is an adventure I am ready to begin!

Just a little update on our life since the last time we posted:

Last week was very busy leading up to a weekend with our team at an event called Quest.  Quest is something that MRN (Mission Resource Network: does with teams to help them understand themselves and each other better as they prepare for the mission field. It was intense and long and lasted one 7 hour day and two 14 hour days!  Three extremely generous couples from Downtown (the Bakers, Garners, and Shipmans) and four of MRN’s employees gave of their time and energy to ask us deep questions and listen to us talk about ourselves.  By the end of the weekend, the whole team agreed that we were sick of hearing ourselves talk!  But, the outcome of the weekend was well worth the long hours. We were affirmed in our strengths and given guidance on our weaknesses.  The weekend was a blessing. Thanks to everyone who played a part in preparing for this event!

Our team:

Makonde Team

For more on the team visit:

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