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Today is March 15th, the ides of March, and it is the final day of our adventure across and around America. Of course, in my opinion, the last day of any adventure is also the first day of the next adventure. So today, on my last day, I hopped on a very early morning flight to San Angelo, Texas, where I will participate in a week-long well drilling course with a group called Water For All International ( I arrived in the morning, and the course officially began today, though bad weather and flight delays (of other students) has held us back a bit. Lauren spent her last/first day on a solitary fifteen and a half hour drive from Tampa, FL, to Searcy, AR. A great time for her to reflect on the past month as well as anticipate the coming ones.


Living in small towns, as I have nearly all my life, engenders creativity.  In small town life, on a slow, rainy day, there are only so many ways one can entertain him or herself … that is, unless the infinite possibilities of the imagination are applied to the situation.

One famous use of creativity:  Stormdrain Rafting.

Supplies:  a flood, a creek or storm drain, an airmatress, strong swimming abilities, a lifeguard/partner-in-crime, and resilience to the elements.

Geared UpRaftingApproaching the Rapids

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