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There’s something Robert Frost never told us about that road less traveled: it’s riddled with potholes. Well, we’ve hit a few of them, which is why we’re so behind on our blog. Issue number one was the death of our camera. That’s right, one of our closest companions on the trip straight-up died right in the middle of it. However, we recovered gracefully and optimistically as Lauren’s Aunt lent us her small digital for the next leg of the trip. But then the bigger blow came: just as I had finished writing a long post bringing the blog nearly entirely up-to-date… our computer quit working. Not permanently dead, just a coma we think; but useless for the rest of this trip nonetheless. Worse, we’re pretty sure it’s the hard drive, which begs the question: will we be able to recover all of the photos we’ve taken on this trip (and the graphic design work Lauren’s done)? Or will we lose it all forever? It hurts to even think of it. Our only remaining pictures would be the ones we’ve already posted on this blog, which is so very few. Oh well, we’re staying optimistic for now since we can’t really do anything about it until we have access to another Mac laptop and a firewire cable (that’s how we‘ll try to tap in and save our files from the hard drive). Hopefully we can swing by an Apple store once we get to Austin, and perhaps they can help us out. Other than saving our files, we’re not too worried about the computer since it’s still under warranty. The main thing is that we’ll be way less accessible for the rest of this trip and won’t be able to work on some important things we needed to be doing over the coming week. Hopefully we’ll still get some blog posts up, but expect a deficit of photos for a stretch of time there.

So, those are a couple of the potholes we’ve hit along this road. I guess that’s what we get for not sticking to the interstate.

P.S. Oh yeah, also, on top of all that, it seems I’ve gotten into a batch of poison ivy. Robert Frost never mentioned all the posion ivy down that road either, now did he?


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